About Us

We help design, promote and distribute unique and original products on behalf of gifted artisans from different regions of the world who have limited access to the ultimate consumers. Our products showcases the different cultures and traditions from different regions of the world. All our products are created using the locally available materials and are inspired by immediate surroundings. Experience the charm in our handcrafted products through its uniqueness in design and craftsmanship.

By purchasing our products, you help to:

  • Create awareness and appreciation of the various artwork and handcrafted items from developing countries.
  • Improve the economic conditions in developing world and support empowerment of their economic system.
  • Conserve the environment through use of recycled materials and other natural resources.

My Story:

I have always been awestruck by the undeniable beauty of handmade goods. Growing up in Africa, we had a very interesting experiences. As kids, we had a lot of things to do that kept us busy. We created the toys and games that we played with. My first "real toy" was a car made out of wire and the inner tube of a bicycle. We made them by scavenging for old wires at dumping sites scattered around the village, This gave me the first hand experience about the process of making handcrafted products. I came to appreciate the special meaning these products hold, the heart and soul poured into each new creation and the personal touches that no technology can replicate.

Our products are very sentimental because there is a direct connection between the artist, the product and the consumer..I know first hand how the people in our villages put their heart and soul to make our products. They need more than fair price for their products, they deserve a reasonable return for their goods that sell more than ten fold when they arrive to the markets in the developed world.